Wayne "Gizmo" Duprey (middle in pic)


Wayne "Gizmo" Duprey is our National Chaplain and also the Chapter President of our first founding chapter in Central Florida. 

He is married to the lovely Janette and they reside in Debary, Florida.

You will see Gizmo pretty much everywhere. He represents BAT on the highways and along the byways. He is a walking miracle after getting hit head on by a distracted driver but God has pieced him back together and if you know him...then you will know that he tells it like it is and he would give you the shirt off his back.

Gizmo seeks to bring God into the picture and he is out talking about God and also doing bike blessings. If you need to get hold of him you can email him at:

Wayne "Gizmo" Duprey is a full time missionary at BAT. He spends all his time engaged in representing and as such we have determined to help him raise financial support to help him live while he invests his time with us.

Gizmo is operating on faith and so you may see him reaching out to you as he raises his own support. Each supporter that gives to BAT receives a tax deductible receipt.

If you would like to contribute to our Chaplain's financial support please utilize the Paypal donate button and then signify on the donation that it is to go to Wayne "Gizmo" Duprey's financial assistance. We will get it to him.

Thank you for partnering with us at BAT and in the life of Gizmo as he seeks to represent us all over the community and world.

Canada Chaplain


Matt "Rev" Funk

Matt is our Canadian National Chaplain.  (He is the one with more hair.  lol)

Stay tuned for more details

Matt is a pastor and the VP of the Alberta chapter as well.